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    InterActive MyProfit Cashless

    InterActive MyProfit supports all E-Wallet, QRIS, Credit and Virtual Account payment methods, making it easier for your customers to make payments.

    Aplikasi Kasir InterActive MyProfit PC-less & Windowsless

    InterActive MyProfit is POS Cashier Software that can be used for Digital Menus as well as paying using E-Wallet. InterActive MyProfit supports all types of payments starting from QRIS, all E-Wallets, Virtual Accounts and credit cards. So, your customers will be really pampered during the payment process because they can choose the type of payment channel they want.

    InterActive MyProfit

    InterActive MyProfit POS Cashier Application Automatically Integrated with QRIS

    InterActive MyProfit is now integrated with InterActive QRIS making it very easy for your customers to order their favorite food. After completing the process of choosing food, InterActive MyProfit will automatically display a QR Code for the nominal payment and all your customer has to do is scan it with an electronic money application (eg: OVO, Dana, LinkAja, GoPay, ShopeePay, etc.) and the customer can independently carry out the payment transaction.

    InterActive MyProfit
    A System That Can Avoid Cashier Fraud

    There are many incidents where customers are cheated by cashiers. Therefore, it is necessary to have a system that is able to overcome this in payments. InterActive MyProfit supports all types of payments and solutions that you can use for your business.

    Why Choose Us InterActive MyProfit

    Cashless is one of the reasons why your business should use InterActive MyProfit POS Software.

    interactive myprofit type pos kasir online order
    Increasing the Efficiency and Convenience of Transaction Processes

    InterActive MyProfit with cashless features has several advantages that can increase efficiency and comfort in the transaction process. The following are some of the main advantages of a cashier system with cashless features:

    • Support dynamic QRIS to make payments easier for all E-Wallets
    • Integrated Debit and Credit Virtual Accounts
    • InterActive MyProfit also provides cash payments at the cashier
    interactive myprofit type pos kasir online order
    Reducing Cashier Fraud

    It often happens that customers complain to the cashier because the nominal payment does not match what was ordered, as a result your restaurant's name will become bad in the eyes of your customers. InterActive MyProfit is not just ordinary cashier software because you can make self-order transactions and pay directly using all types of payments.

    • There is Self Order technology so customers can order independently and pay directly via Self Order Kiosk, Tablet, link or scan QR Code
    • Minimizing cashier fraud and recording transactions automatically and transparently unlike manual systems which are at risk of employee fraud
    • There is no difference in cash back because payment transactions use E-Wallet, QRIS and Virtual Account

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