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    Make your coffee shop more trendy with InterActive MyProfit

    InterActive MyProfit helps your coffee business to grow and be innovative. Provide Self Order services so that your Coffee Shop looks different from the others.

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    Coffee Shop Queue Solution

    InterActive MyProfit helps your customers to order menus on their respective gadgets with direct payment options connected to your cashier application. Without queuing, without physical contact and paying cashless is possible with the InterActive MyProfit Self Order feature.

    InterActive MyProfit All In One F&B Business Solution

    Online Ordering, Takeaway, Customer Self-Ordering, Dine-In, Reservation & Delivery Order will make your business transactions easier.

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    Online Order

    Make it easy for your customers to order their favorite food at your restaurant from home with the Online Order feature.

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    Take away order

    InterActive MyProfit includes a Takeaway Order feature as an option for your customers who want to enjoy meals at home.

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    Customer self order

    Create an elegant impression for your customers by providing the convenience of ordering food on their mobile phones, tablets, or kiosks.

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    Dine in order

    A simple and elegant impression will enhance the branding of your restaurant & cafe with the Dine-In Order feature, where customers can simply scan a QR code or use the provided tablet & kiosk.

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    Allow customers to order food through links on social media or WhatsApp and schedule their visit to your restaurant & cafe, attracting the interest of today's millennials.

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    Delivery order

    Order meals from home and pay directly using E-Wallet or credit cards, so you only need to prepare the packaging and are ready to deliver to the customer's home.

    Automatically Integrated with Accounting Software

    InterActive MyProfit is directly connected to the InterActive MyAccounting Accounting Software without the need for manual double data entry. Transactions are faster with InterActive MyProfit.

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    Why Choose Us InterActive MyProfit

    Your coffee shop will give an elegant impression from your customers by using the self order feature from InterActive MyProfit.

    interactive myprofit type pos kasir online order
    Digital Menu

    Your customers can order menus via Delivery Order by accessing the Digital menu from your Coffee Shop online from anywhere and at any time.

    • Your customers will easily find your Coffee Shop via social media, WA Broadcast or from print media by adding an order link
    • InterActive MyProfit can calculate postage automatically according to your customer's location
    • Can detect the nearest location of all your branches according to your customer's location point
    interactive myprofit type pos kasir online order
    Delivery Order Options

    InterActive MyProfit provides a choice of order types from dine-in or Delivery Order and your customers can also adjust the Delivery order time if the Delivery Order type is selected.

    • Can adjust your customer's needs from Dine In Orders or Delivery Orders
    • The Delivery Order feature gives your customers the choice to order now or later by adjusting the order date
    • Your customers can provide special notes on each menu they order
    interactive myprofit type pos kasir online order
    Detect Customer Location Automatically

    InterActive MyProfit is able to read your customer's location and at the same time calculate the nominal shipping costs automatically according to the nominal postage per distance on the dashboard.

    • Able to read your customer's location automatically and adjust the postage per distance on the InterActive MyProfit dashboard
    • Your customers can also input other delivery locations
    • InterActive MyProfit POS notification will ring if your customer has made a payment
    interactive myprofit type pos kasir online order
    Calculating Postage Automatically

    In the InterActive MyProfit dashboard there is a Delivery Settings feature where you can adjust the nominal cost per distance so that you can calculate postage automatically according to the customer's location.

    • Shipping costs are calculated automatically so you don't have to bother calculating manually
    • You can adjust postage costs according to the distance to your customer's location
    • Postage costs will be added automatically to the total order cost

    Improve Your Restaurant Service to the Maximum

    With InterActive MyProfit

    A System That Can Avoid Cashier Fraud

    There are many incidents where customers are cheated by cashiers. Therefore, it is necessary to have a system that is able to overcome this in payments. InterActive MyProfit supports all types of payments and solutions that you can use for your business.

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