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    InterActive MyProfit Reservasi

    Order food just via a link on social media or WhatsApp and you can arrange when to come to your restaurant and are able to attract the interest of today's millennials.

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    InterActive MyProfit Reservasi

    Currently many places have to implement PSBB & this is the right way to keep your business open by serving orders online. Your customers will be given easy order options because they can order now or at a scheduled time online.

    Business Benefits of Online Ordering

    Implementing an online ordering system in your business can provide a number of significant benefits.

    InterActive MyProfit Reservation Feature

    Complete your restaurant services by making it easier for your customers to order independently online from home.

    interactive myprofit type pos kasir online order
    Order Simple via Sosmed

    In the current era, many people are more likely to use social media to search for the products or food they want, this is an opportunity for you as a businessman to continue to survive by serving orders online.

    • Your customers will easily find your restaurant via social media or WA Broadcast
    • Just share the link and your customers can immediately order according to their wishes and without a physical menu book
    • Improve restaurant branding and modernity
    interactive myprofit type pos kasir online order
    Take Away Now

    Give a different experience with InterActive MyProfit Take Away Order.

    • All menus appear according to category and display the stock amount to make it easier for customers to know whether the menu is ready or out of stock
    • Your customers can order from home or come directly to your restaurant
    interactive myprofit type pos kasir online order
    Take Away Later

    InterActive MyProfit Type Take Away Order not only serves orders directly, but your customers can order in advance and pay using E-Wallet.

    • Your customers can schedule booking times at your restaurant
    • After booking, customers are required to make payment via E-Wallet or virtual debit & credit account
    • Orders come in with the status already paid, so you as a restaurant owner don't need to worry about fictitious orders
    InterActive MyProfit Dashboard Features

    The following are several features on the InterActive MyProfit dashboard to make it easier for you to make decisions about your Restaurant Order Type.

    With the Transaction Report feature you can see all orders based on the desired time

    No need to bother Check Payment Transaction Receipt Funds E-wallet and Virtual Account

    Just Monitor the Type of Order made by customers so you can create new innovations in your restaurant

    Improve Your Restaurant Services Online

    Get a price package according to your needs

    InterActive MyProfit Type Order

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