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    FnB Business Problems

    There are many problems when running an F&B business. So, you must be able to find a solution to this problem so that the FnB business continues to run in the current era.

    FnB Business Problems

    Running an F&B business has many problems when starting out. The following are some of the problems that exist in the FnB Business:


    Do you feel that the initial investment for IT implementation in an FnB business is quite high? Buy a PC, touch screen monitor, Windows OS License, etc


    Are you looking to increase efficiency in your business, in the current uncertain economic situation & conditions, without having to reduce customer satisfaction?


    Are you trying to reduce the level of service errors from waiters, so that the level of customer satisfaction is higher?


    Are you looking for a solution to minimize the occurrence of fraud at the cashier?


    Do you have the desire not to get caught up in the current bloody competition in online food order platforms?


    Do you want to have your own online order platform, so that you are no longer charged a 20% discount on every incoming transaction?


    Are you looking for a Digital Menu solution, as a replacement for menu books, to meet health protocol standards?


    Are you looking for a solution so that customer waiting times become shorter, queues are not too long, so that customer comfort becomes higher?

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