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    InterActive Attendance Cloud System

    • 1.

      Device Management & Transaction Monitoring


      • Reader status ( Online / Offile ) can be easily seen from the system and there is notification by email to administrator if there is offline reader
      • All absent transaction will be send automatically to the server as long as it is connected, so it will be easier to monitor from Head Office or from anywhere
      Software IACS
    • 2.

      Employee Setting


      • Import employee from MS.Excell format
      • Input employee from the software, select then click Enroll
      Software IACS
    • 3.

      Shift & Roster Setting


      • Unlimitted shift setting
      • Shift can be copy and paste to every employee in the Roster
      Software IACS
    • 4.

      Attendance & Absence Status


      • Unlimitted Attendance & Absence Status
      Software IACS
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      Software IACS