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    Enterprise IACS

    InterActive Attendance Cloud System

    Fitur Enterprise IACS
    • Support Flexible Shift
    • Support Oracle Database
    • Support more than 250 reader
    • Support Customized Report
    • Properly work for Multi Company
    Fitur Umum Enterprise IACS
    • Webbased Software Application With Real-Time Push Transaction Data
    • Automatic User and Data Synchronization
    • Easy and Fast Master Data and Parameter Setting Upload by Excel (Employee, Department, Shift, Roster, Parameter & Holiday)
    • Faster On Processing Attendance Report
    • Support Multi Language
    • Easy Working Schedule
    • Maintenance Directly at Roster
    • Centralized Fingerprint Registration Center
    • Business Intelligence with Graphical View (Statistic By Gender, Age, Late Summary, etc )
    • Automatic Email Notification and Report (Absence, Late Coming Time, Offline Devices, Daily Attendance, etc.)
    • Can Be Integrated With Other Software
    • Support Windows & Linux Environment
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    Ica InterActive Chat Bot
    InterActive Chatbot Assistant

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